Christmas is Coming

Find the Perfect Gift this Christmas

With Christmas looming, time is running out fast – particularly for those seeking a unique sort of gift. On this quest to find the perfect item, why not consider something special – something antique? Such a gift has the potential to become an item so loved that in time it becomes an heirloom, staying in the family for generations. Here at Yola Gray Antiques, we have an array of wonderful items that would make excellent gifts. From clocks to barometers and writing/jewellery boxes to tapestry art, you’re bound to find something just right. A sewing table, for example, would be an attractive and functional item, as well as being a fantastic talking piece that would draw attention in any room. Alternatively, a gilt wood carved Regency mirror would be beautiful and eye-catching. These items and more can be found in our selection of Christmas gift ideas on our website, here:

There’s still time to find the perfect gift – so don’t delay!

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