Because these beds are individually unique and do not always confirm to modern mattresses dimensions, we also supply a range of customised high quality luxury mattresses for these beds starting from £450. Our mattresses are constructed of natural materials (silk, wool & cashmere) and are handmade in the UK. The mattresses can have the corners removed so to maximise the mattress fit in the super-structure bed. We can also supply standard size mattresses with the same high specifications. The bed prices quoted do not include mattress.  Please contact us for a mattress quote.

You can also view our range of standard mattresses by clicking by clicking here.

Lowering the Slats

As the original Victorian mattresses would have only been 2″ – 3″ deep, we find it beneficial to “lower” the slats to the bottom of the side rails of the bed. The benefit of lowering the slats is that you get to see more of the headboard carvings when you fit a modern mattress which can be 12″ deep.

The original height of the slats sit flush with the top of the side rails. We reduce the width of the slats by 1″ (1/2″ either side) and this allows the slats to fall in-between the side rails, and rest upon the attached metal angle irons. We also lower the central supporting pole (which sits underneath the slats). This process lowers the slats between 3 – 4″ in height from their original position. However, by lowering the slats, the width of the mattress will be reduced btween 1-2″. Nevertheless, this is a beneficial trade-off, as it allows these beds to accommodate a modern comfortable mattress.

If you require the slats lowering into the bed frame, we charge £90 for this structural work.

The pictures below shows how a bed looks once the slats have been lowered.