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Bedsides are an excellent storage solution for within the bedroom, especially next to the bed.  Often sold as pairs, they are designed to be placed either side of the bed for partners to use individually.  There are many different styles of bedsides, including French Louis XVI, Georgian / Regency, Victorian and Art Deco styles – this variety means a suitable pair of bedsides can be found for any kind of home, be it a contemporary or classical setting.  There are also a number of different configurations to choose from, such as bedsides which serve as cupboards, chests, open compartments or combinations of each, giving the best possibility of matching your storage needs.  They are such a popular item that a relatively high number of reproduction pieces can also be found, many of which have been constructed to a similar standard as original pieces.  Other kinds of cabinet are also useful throughout the home and can serve as storage for drinkware, as television cabinets or display cabinets.
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