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Cupboards are a very useful piece of furniture to have in the household, providing copious amounts of storage. While primarily serving a practical function, cupboards can also be very decorative; Welsh cupboards such as Deuddarns and Tridarns, in particular, can feature extensive carvings and inlay – this is because such items, at the time when they were built, would have been one of the most important and prestigious pieces of furniture in the household. Such an item can become a very beautiful thing to look at. Other kinds of cupboard offer a more simplistic approach, while still retaining a certain amount of rustic charm. A cupboard historically would have contained food items, but will just as easily accommodate crockery, glasses and other kitchen utensils. Some kinds of cupboard even serve well as bookcases, or for storing other household items, therefore they are quite versatile. Cupboards are very much at home in a country setting, but will happily reside in contemporary properties.
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