Antique Railway / Station / School Wall Clocks


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We have for sale a variety of antique clocks, mainly antique railway station and school wall clocks. Our family has been fortunate enough to purchase a number of them and there is now an opportunity for you to acquire a unique piece of history. They date from the Edwardian and George V period (between 1910 to 1940), when there was huge expansion of the railway networks in the British colonies. Constructed for use in railway stations, municipal buildings and schools, the cases were made from quality timbers, including mahogany and oak. They house either timepiece (one wind up rod on the dial) or chiming / striking (two wind up rods on the dial) mechanisms powered by either spring driven or fusee movements. Other clocks house difference mechanical movements such as wheel train, escapement, and oscillators. All are restored and serviced and we offer a 2-year warranty on the mechanism. We also have in stock from time to time items from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian and Art Deco period, comprising bracket, carriage, garnitures, cuckoo, dial, grandfather, longcase, mantel, ormolu, pocket, skeleton, spelter, travel, wall, watches and Vienna clocks, all of which are of either English, French, American, German, Swiss, Indian and Japanese provenance.
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