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Desks are immensely practical pieces of furniture, and even in the modern age, they are still remarkably useful. The storage of physical documents, stationary and assorted paraphernalia is still a very relevant necessity. Furthermore, the digital era has given rise to a new purpose that desks can very easily fulfil; they can provide a dedicated surface for laptops and printers, with plenty of storage space for all the related items associated with computers. A desk can even provide a measure of security with locking drawers. A rolltop desk, in particular, comes into its own when the entire work space can be concealed and locked, leaving any valuable electronic devices out of sight. Rolltops can also boast a bewildering array of drawers and cubby holes to help in organising a work space.  If a more compact, space-saving work space is desired, a Davenport desk offers ingenious storage and provision of work surface.