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Whether your office is a boardroom at work, or situated at home, Yola Gray Antiques has a range of items that will be equally at home in either setting. With desks being the key aspect of the room, there is a range of types catering to the individual’s need; a partner’s desk might be considered if two people need to share space. A davenport or folding writing compendium are perfect solutions for rooms where space is at a premium, as they are compact and easily moved. Davenports are particularly ingenius, as they make clever use of limited storage space. Desk chairs are just as important, with a variety of styles to either match a particular desk, or to provide a comfortable seating position whilst working. To help keep the space tidy, a Canterbury might be considered, offering a compact and convenient means of storage. If the space also serves as a library, then a bookcase is a logical further addition.
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