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Reproduction Furniture


At Yola Gray Antiques, we offer an array of reproduction furniture. Our selection of repro furniture allows the opportunity to own an item of furniture which is convincingly antique to the eye, but built to modern construction methods and costs a fraction of what a genuine antique would cost. Our reproduction furniture is of high quality. Repro furniture is an excellent choice if you are operating on a budget, but still desire a degree of quality. Repro furniture is also ideal for use as props in period television programmes. This is because the ‘newer’ look repro items typically tend to possess is more appropriate to the time period they are made to represent. Being constructed much more recently than their original counterparts, repro items are also much less likely to have suffered from the rigours of time and use, and so such damage as knocks, rips, discolouration or woodworm are nowhere near as common.
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