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Dressers are a lovely and traditional way to store your crockery and other kitchen utensils.  They are very much at home in a country setting, but will also happily reside in a more contemporary one.  There is a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from simple dresser bases with just a few drawers, to full dressers with plate racks, cupboards and a large quantity of drawers, to suit the needs of any household.  They can also be particularly decorative items, displaying wonderful inlay as well as carved and shaped features.  Welsh dressers are among the most popular, as they offer superior craftsmanship – particularly those whose provenance originates from Talwrn on the island of Anglesey, where there resided a community of woodworkers, whose work was of very high quality.  Talwrn furniture can often be identified by ‘dot-and-diamond’ inlay patterns.  Such items make for an amazing piece of history to own, while still serving an immensely practical function.
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