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Antique storage boxes are a lovely way to keep possessions safe, while also being attractive items to own.  They are predominantly Victorian and Colonial in origin, and will have originated in India.  Each item is completely individual and some are highly decorative, with beautiful wood and brass inlay.  Despite their decorative qualities, however, these boxes were often used by the British military during the time of the Raj, meaning they are very solid and sturdy.  Boxes are also very versatile, being useful as storage of writing equipment such as pens, paper, envelopes and ink; as jewellery storage, or for makeup.  Therefore, such an item would make an excellent gift.  Having a relatively small size, a box will not occupy a large space, and so it will be happy even in the smallest of spaces.  A box will also happily be at home in almost any room, in either a contemporary or a traditional setting.
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