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Antique Colonial Four Poster Beds


Our Anglo-Indian Colonial four poster beds date from 1840 to 1947 (Indian Independence). The beds were commissioned for the British Raj, their families and the British Military in India during the Victorian and early 20th Century period.

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Mattresses & Slats

We supply a range of luxury hand made standard and custom size mattresses.  Prices start from £450.  We can also lower the wooden slats in the bed frame to accommodate deep modern mattresses, to avoid hiding the carvings on the headboard.

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Drapes & Curtains

We offer a draping service whereby we can dress the bed with any fabric of choice. The service can consist of fabric being wrapped around the canopy, to hanging curtains or providing a dressed solid roof with hung curtains.

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We have for sale a variety of antique beds, mainly antique four poster beds. We specialise in the colonial Anglo Indian Victorian period. Our family has been fortunate enough to purchase a number of them and there is now an opportunity for you to acquire a unique piece of history. They date from the early Victorian period, between 1840 to 1947 (date of Indian Independence). Constructed for the British Raj and their families, they were made from the finest materials, usually mahogany, teak or sissoo wood (which is a member of the rosewood family). Because they were designed to be "flat pack", they could be transported on military exercises or to their summerhouses in the hills. Constructed when the Raj was at its height, the quality and size denoted the title and rank of the owner. We also have in stock from time to time, antique four poster beds from the Elizabethan, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco period. Our antique four poster beds come a variety of timbers, including oak, mahogany, rosewood, teak and sissoo wood. A range of luxury mattresses, from standard sizes (double, king size and super king size) to custom sizes, to suit any size, is available. Our mattresses are handmade in England and start from £450 GBP. You can view our range of mattresses by clicking here.