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Dining Room

For those seeking to furnish their dining room, at Yola Gray Antiques, we have a comprehensive selection of suitable items. Tables and chairs are probably the items most commonly thought of when furnishing a dining room, but other items may be equally appropriate. While most often residing in the kitchen, dressers and sideboards, for example, will be just as happy situated here. They offer superb storage solutions and are highly decorative, often displaying high quality carvings or inlay. If drinks and cocktails are an important element to your home life, then a drinks tray or cocktail cabinet might be the perfect addition to your dining room. Your room might also benefit from the inclusion of smaller decorative items; wall clocks and storage boxes are often popular choices. Whether your room is a contemporary or more traditional setting, there are items that will suit either scenario and genuinely compliment the space – so you are bound to find something to your liking.
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