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The hallway is the first part of the home you or a guest sees. Yola Gray Antiques has a varied range of items that will be perfectly at home in the hall. Quite apart from wanting to make a lasting first impression, it’s also worth remembering the practical needs of returning home; hat and coat stands are often popular additions to the hallway, as they provide a simple storage solution, and they are particularly useful in halls with restricted space, as they are very compact. In larger halls, sideboards and dressers will also very happily reside here; they can also make a stunning first impression. A positive first impression can be further achieved with the use of console tables, which can serve as places to put decorative items such as lamps, ornaments or plants, while also having the practicality of being somewhere to put the mail or perhaps a bowl for loose change. Seating is something else often considered for furnishing – especially if a corded telephone is kept there, or if the space is used as a waiting area. Lastly, as a thoroughfare, the hall can be a popular space for the placement of a clock or the displaying of artwork.
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