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yolagray.com February 2018 Newsletter


Every week, Yolanda Gray Antiques lists the newest arrivals of beautiful and inspirational antique items and collections.
Antique English Victorian Set of Four Walnut Dining Chairs (Circa 1860) - yolagray.com
Antique Edwardian Oak Revolving Swivel Office Desk Arm Chair (Circa 1900)- yolagray.com
Antique English Edwardian Mahogany Revolving Office Desk Arm Chair (Circa 1900)- yolagray.com
Antique English Georgian Regency Set of Four Mahogany Dining Chairs (Circa 1830)- yolagray.com
Art Deco Figured Walnut & Coromandel Octagonal Centre Coffee Occasional Side Table (Circa 1930)- yolagray.com
Antique English Victorian Walnut Burgundy Red Leather Office Desk Arm Chair (Circa 1880)- yolagray.com
Antique English Charles I West Country Gloucestershire Oak Joined Coffer Chest / Coffer (Circa 1650)- yolagray.com
Antique English Edwardian Art Nouveau Oak & Leather Revolving Office Desk Arm Chair (Circa 1910)- yolagray.com


Age 28 Current job Furniture restorer at Yolanda Gray Antiques Why Antiques? Having grown up with antique furniture I’ve always appreciated fine and high quality furniture. Initially I wanted to learn how to French polish antique furniture of course what started as a snowball found gravity and grew as different cabinet makers taught me other traditions and the biggest  being common sense. Common problems Working with furniture that is decades if not centuries old you run into a spectrum of issues, ranging from a few scratches and scuffs to a full strip down, stain and polish. What do you check for when restoring antiques I check that the antique in question is actually structurally sound and okay. The I look for scratches, holes or pieces missing and treat with care, passion and precision in order to bring the antique back to it’s former self. Enjoyment So far the range of office chairs we obtain at Yolanda Gray Antiques are what I enjoy bringing back to glory and pro tip a little three in one goes along way from turning a squeaky chair to the smoothest. Best moment When treating my first office chair, I was excited to learn about the techniques and science behind the art of French polishing. From removing the existing polish, treating and restoring the antique and staining to carefully administering the new polish. Hobbies When I’m out of the office (The workshop) I’m a massive nerd when it comes to cinema and a patron to the classic motor industry plus I also indulge in two types of food; I’m indecisive on which is my favourite, either pizza and Chinese?


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Antique Welsh Machynlleth Georgian Low Dresser Base (Circa 1740) - yolagray.com

WAS £4,650 NOW £3,450

WAS £3,485 NOW £1.850

yolagray.com Antique Louis XV Revival French Walnut & Leather Bonheur Du Jour Desk (Circa 1870)

WAS £3,485 NOW £1,850

WAS £1,845 NOW £1,545

WAS £1,950 NOW £1,150

yolagray.com Antique Victorian Art Nouveau Mahogany Glass Bookcase by James Shoolbred & Co. (Circa 1890)

WAS £2,375 NOW £1,350

WAS £1,585 NOW £1.125

Antique Pair of French Walnut Upholstered Tapestry Fauteuil Armchairs (Circa 1840) - yolagray.com

WAS £1,945 NOW £1.645

Hints & Tips

Clean any initial dirt with a slightly damp cloth and wipe dray. Apply the wax sparing to the surface of the antique with ‘0000’ wire wool (similar to cotton wool) or a soft cloth. Apply in small amounts and in the direct of the grain. Allow to dry and harden for at least 30 minutes or more, longer if you can. Buff and shine with a clean cloth in the direction of the grain.

yolagray.com Waxing Tips

TUDOR PERIOD Style: Primitive, Gothic, Renaissance, Italiante & Flemish

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The Tudor period is the period between 1485 and 1603 in England and Wales and includes the Elizabethan period during the reign of Elizabeth I until 1603. The Tudor period coincides with the dynasty of the House of Tudor in England whose first monarch was Henry VII (1457–1509).

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