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A variety of bedroom furniture is available at Yola Gray Antiques, ranging from beds and bedsides, to dressing tables and storage boxes. This room can be a very personal space, so of course it is only natural for the room to reflect the individual’s own flair and creativity, or personal interests. Being the most important piece of furniture in the room, the bed can serve as a centrepiece and focal point, bringing a great deal of character to the space. This can be accompanied by a set of bedside chests or cabinets (also known as nightstands in the USA). Further styling and personalisation can be accomplished with the use of storage or hope chests, or smaller jewellery boxes. Dressing table and mirrors are also items worth considering. The room can also benefit from a range of styles, including Colonial Victorian, Tudor style or Art Deco. The bedroom is only as cosy and comfortable as you make it.