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Dressing tables can be a lovely addition to any bedroom and serve a distinct, functional purpose.  There is a variety of configurations that can be found, ranging from those with full length mirrors, or with shorter mirrors, as well as pedestal dressing tables or ones constructed more like a table.  Aside from the usual drawers and compartments that would be expected on most pieces, some dressing tables also feature hidden compartments, which are incredibly useful for storing valuable jewellery  The range of styles, including Georgian and Victorian, to Edwardian and Art Deco, gives rise to different features, such as ornate carvings, shaped mirrors and choice of materials.  Older dressing tables, on the other hand, are more likely to be constructed from mahogany or teak, both of which are very solid materials with a darker, red-brown colour.  This variety means that there is always going to be a dressing table that is right for the intended space, be it a traditional or modern, contemporary one, and will fit with whatever functionality is desired.
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