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At Yola Gray Antiques, we have a wide variety of furniture that would be ideal for the living room. The living room is a space where people can relax and socialise, and this is often reflected in the furniture. Sofas and armchairs are perhaps the most important feature in this room and there are many styles to choose from depending on other interior decor, personal taste and desired comfort level. Coffee and side tables are also highly useful in this space; they can also provide a focal point in the room. Particularly, a nest of tables can suit a room where space may be less available, as they are very compact when stored, yet serve as multiple tables when in use. If storage is an important factor, a canterbury, bookcase, sideboard or coffer can provide excellent solutions depending on the individual’s needs. Lastly, the room is also an ideal location to display artwork, bringing extra character and charm to the space.
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